Holiday Shoots

Holiday shoots just keep coming! This week we went downtown with our neighbor's boys. We had a good time- Santa was downtown with his carriage and the weather was great!

Here are a few of the neighbor's photos:

And a few of Cody playing in the park! We are taking advantage of the 60 degree weather in the middle of December!


G Family Photo Shoot

The G Family had their shoot this past weekend and it was cold! They were great, even through all the bundling and un-bundling of their sweet baby girl they still managed to give me lots of smiles. Their baby was precious, she was in a good mood for the entire shoot and she had some great facial expressions! Here's the G Family's preview!


H Family Photo Shoot

The H Family had their shoot this past weekend after having to reschedule due to rain. The weather finally cooperated and we were able to go down town to take some photos. The family was great, they were very cooperative and willing to pose anywhere! On top of that their little girl was so cute and she got so excited about everything! We had a great time and we hope they did too! Here's a few of their photos:



Here are a few shots I took when we were out and about. A friend's neighbor had these two adorable girls running around and I just had to get some pictures of them! They both really enjoyed hamming it up for the camera!