3 Years Old!

Happy Birthday!!! Talk about a fun shoot! We were playing and singing the whole time! Here's a very small preview... I hope you all enjoy! I can't wait to photograph your birthday party this weekend!


Beautiful Ava

Here she is! Isn't she just beautiful? Beautiful and very, very busy! I have a new appreciation for what her Mommy goes through every day! It was worth it though, just look at her!


Dog-on Fun!

What a fun session! Stacey and her dog, Liberty were great to work with! Stacey was a natural when it came to posing- I'm thinking modeling should be in her future! Here's your sneak peek Stacey!


Good Friends from Back Home

Sarah and her family were our duplex neighbors back at Fort Bragg, and now, thanks to the Army, we are all in Europe together. Unfortunately we don't live right next door anymore, in fact they're in another country but it's better than being an ocean away! We met up in Germany and did some maternity photos. Their baby girl is due next month so we barely made the deadline! We hope to see you all again soon and can't wait to meet your newest little one!!!


Big Boy W-10 Month Shoot

Baby W came over for a play date/photo session last week and he was a total ham! His Mommy must take lots of pictures of him because he knew JUST what to do! I loved it!

Come back and see us again soon little man!!!